Help with Teen Depression in Minnesota

Depression can be a crippling mental health issue, especially in adolescents. Dramatic hormone changes coupled with the everyday stresses of growing up can create an emotional storm in vulnerable teens. While teen depression is a serious issue, help is available, and recovery is possible.

Read on to learn more about the warning signs that signal depression in teens and how Lakeside Academy can support your family during this trying time.


Causes of Depression in Teens

Depression in teens has many different causes and triggers. Sometimes multiple factors play a role in sparking this illness. Some common causes include:

How To Identify a Teen with Depression

The teenage years are already an emotional battlefield, so it’s easy for parents to miss the warning signs and attribute depressive episodes with the normal ups and downs of puberty. However, depression can have serious and even life-threatening effects if not properly diagnosed and treated. Some warning signs of teen depression include symptoms from the following list that last more than two weeks:

  • Sleep disturbances such as getting too little or too much sleep
  • Extreme loss of weight or appetite
  • Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of death in general
  • Feelings of sadness without obvious cause
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and activities that were once loved
  • Drastic changes in appearance and hygiene

If you notice your teen exhibiting any of these symptoms for a prolonged amount of time, it is critical that you talk to your doctor. A doctor can provide the proper diagnosis so that treatment can commence.

Specialized Treatment

At Lakeside Academy, we combine cognitive behavior techniques with an individualized, holistic approach to helping teens deal with mental health challenges such as depression. As a Christian-based treatment center, we offer compassionate, loving guidance around a framework of tools such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Your student will meet individually with a counselor weekly to assess his needs and create a customized plan for treatment.

Coping and Support

While in our care, your son will learn tools to train his brain to get back on the path to health. He will participate in weekly sessions of both individual and group therapy to talk through issues he’s facing and help him learn new interpersonal skills. We also oversee and guide the boys through their everyday routines such as diet and sleep schedules to ensure they get accustomed to a healthy lifestyle and regime.

Though not on campus, families are an integral part of this equation. Lakeside Academy keeps families involved via weekly calls, letters to and from home, and monthly progress reports. Students can also earn up to three home visits during their stay. These are earned from good behavior and positive progress.

When you visit your son, you will get to see firsthand the skills he has learned at Lakeside Academy. Our 4-level program provides a framework by which your son will learn to take ownership and create a better life for himself. We meet each student where he is and focus on therapy, life skills development, and behavioral milestones.

Get Help at Lakeside Academy

If teen depression is causing a rift in your family, get in contact with Lakeside Academy. It is a difficult decision to move your son out of your home to a treatment center, but ultimately this is a journey of healing that will help your child overcome this debilitating obstacle.

Because it takes a village, we have a strong community of counselors, teachers and mental health professionals who care deeply about your child and his welfare. Lakeside Academy will give your son the tools he needs to manage his depression and thrive. Contact us online  or call (844) 768-8336 to learn more about our programs and the admissions process.