Our Approach

4-Level Curriculum

All teen boys in our program begin with a one-on-one assessment with a staff member. From there, we work with the student and the family to discuss which behaviors need to be addressed and what changes everyone hopes to see in the end.

This information is then used to set a baseline from where we strategize a plan that is specific to your child. We also strive to help improve each boy’s mental and physical health through games, sports, and other positive activities.

Level 1: Orientation and Acclimation

As students adjust to their new environment and routine at Lakeside Academy, they slowly begin to recognize they are in a place for help and healing. They are introduced to the truth of God’s plan and unconditional love for them. This coupled with the love and support of the staff helps them see their true value, improve self esteem and start to change the context of their decisions and actions.

Level 2: Identifying and Addressing Core Issues & Behaviors

Students start to recognize the role they played in making poor choices and acting out in ways that led them down the wrong path. They begin to become more real with themselves and start to go deeper with character development and others. This helps them move past their hurts and hang ups and move forward in the plan there is for their life.

Level 3: Creating Consistency and Application

Students begin to develop new attitudes and establish healthy behaviors and boundaries to replace old unhealthy ones. They move forward from the problem of their choices to seeking reconciliation and making amends with those they have hurt in the past. They focus on faith application of things they have learned and becoming consistent in their new way of life.

Level 4: Transitioning Home

Students prepare for their transition back home by creating personal goals (educational, career, etc.), discussing expectations, identifying potential triggers, and having strategies in place to resolve them constructively. Family involvement is vital in the process of establishing a “new normal” once the student returns home. This level is extremely important as the focus is taking their success at Lakeside Academy back home. Students work with counselors to make a successful transition plan — continuing care, sponsors, support groups, youth group, academics, job, etc..

Throughout the program, your son will participate in any and all of the following activities:

  • Individual and group counseling sessions
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Redirection of problematic or self-destructive behavior
  • Improved self-control
  • Communication and self-advocacy
  • Character development
  • Faith formation and spiritual growth
  • Physical health and activity
  • Academics and project-based learning

Our staff also engages students in physical education that will help them improve their mental health through healthy eating and exercise. Plus, we have a variety of other emotional and spiritual services ranging from religious groups to volunteerism. All of these elements work together to achieve the desired results of creating a resilient mind and fulfilling life.

Why Mental Health Matters

If your child is struggling with disruptive behavior, they may be asking for help without knowing exactly what they need. Behavior and mental health services for teens are an important part of addressing past trauma, mental illness or other situations that may be causing unwanted behaviors.

We want to help your child address these issues before they worsen. Teens who are unable to receive the help they need are more likely to try drugs or alcohol or engage in other risky behaviors that could impact them for the rest of their lives.

You now have the opportunity to intervene with the help of trained professionals who specialize in helping boys ages 14-18.

When to Get Help For a Troubled Teen

If you feel like you are fighting with your teen constantly, or you are just unable to come together on expectations for your household, it may be time to call in a professional. If you believe your teen to be at risk for drug or alcohol abuse, now is the right time to intervene.

Adolescent behavioral health programs are an essential resource for parents who need help with their troubled teens. These programs are designed with children in mind, rather than adults, and offer skills training that can directly impact their behavior immediately.

Since our team is trained to work specifically with teen males, they can get to the root of the problem faster and offer practical solutions in a language the student can understand. With our multi-phase program, it is easy to see real changes, more self-control, and less aggression or challenges all along the way.

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