School for Troubled
Teen Boys

If you’ve been searching for the best school for troubled teens, you may feel overwhelmed with the available options. From military schools to boarding schools, there’s a range of programs available to assist your child and your family.

Find out more about the education and environment of Lakeside Academy, and discover how we can help support your 14-to-18-year-old son in ways that can be more personalized than traditional boarding schools or military schools.


Is Lakeside Academy a Boarding School?

No, Lakeside Academy is not a traditional boarding school. Yes, your son will stay on campus in our living facilities. Lakeside Academy is part of Teen Challenge, the world’s largest network of drug and alcohol recovery programs. Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge proudly leads Lakeside Academy, which is a faith-based recovery center and academic school for teen boys. From recovery programming to accredited academics, Lakeside Academy provides the support your son needs to grow and mature in a welcoming, Christian environment.


Youth Programs Available at Lakeside Academy

The purpose of the programs offered at Lakeside Academy is to foster positive relationships, habits, and attitudes with your son. Our comprehensive curriculum helps a diverse set of students transition back to a healthy lifestyle. Unlike a military school, Lakeside Academy takes a personalized approach to develop a curriculum and behavioral therapy plan for your son’s unique situation. Find out more about our two main approaches: dynamic academics and personalized behavioral therapy.


Dynamic Academics

Our accredited school and licensed teachers are able to help your son pursue a high school diploma in a specialized school for troubled boys. The dynamic curriculum is designed in one-on-one meetings with a staff member, where our trained staff can assess your son’s individual behavioral and academic needs. The entire program at Lakeside Academy is highly structured with a four-level curriculum:

  1. Orientation: With faith-based support and an empathetic, loving environment, your son will begin to acclimatize to the unique Lakeside Academy environment. This stage is critical to helping your son see the value in himself and in his own education and self-esteem.
  2. Addressing Behaviors and Issues: Once trust is established, our trained staff help students recognize their poor decisions and their natural consequences. It’s very important to recognize shortcomings before working on improving behaviors.
  3. Consistency: A key factor in moving past old patterns and behaviors and focusing on new, healthy behaviors is consistency. Choosing new behaviors and moving away from unhelpful and unhealthy patterns are supported by faith-based teachings.
  4. Transition: With a firm foundation in problem-solving, behavioral techniques, and healthy academic study habits, your son will begin the process of transitioning these skills back to his home life. It’s critical that his family is supportive of his new attitudes and behavioral patterns in order to keep these healthy habits at home.


    Personalized Behavior Therapy

    Unlike a military school or traditional boarding school, Lakeside Academy offers a holistic approach to drug rehabilitation and behavioral therapy. Our licensed counselors and chemical dependency treatment center are able to assist your son in overcoming the debilitating effects of substance abuse.

    While Lakeside Academy is a school for troubled youth, we provide outreach and education for entire families who are dealing with these issues. Substance addiction doesn’t just affect your son, so the healing process should involve the entire family. Learn how to assist your son in this process with our comprehensive and varied treatment options.


    Get the Best Help for Your Son

    You and your son aren’t alone. Contact us today to find out if Lakeside Academy is the right path for your son. Learn more about our holistic academic and behavioral programming, ask important questions, and find out how to apply today. Trust our dedicated and passionate team of experienced teachers, counselors, and pastors to help your son achieve a healthier lifestyle.