Your Son’s Path to
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Addiction Treatment Program for Teen Boys

Lakeside Academy is a residential Christian recovery center that provides a supportive, safe academic and therapeutic environment for teen boys struggling with behavioral and substance use issues. We enroll adolescent males ages 14 to 18 at our spacious 48-acre campus in Buffalo, Minnesota. Our faculty, staff, and administration strive to help each student create a healthy, successful future and realize the extent of his potential. When you aren’t sure where to turn to get help for your son, explore the exceptional programs and services available at Lakeside Academy. 

Our typical student

  • Boys aged 14-18
  • Primary diagnosis is substance use; experimenting with drugs/alcohol; may have history of Substance Use Disorder treatment
  • Mild or moderate mental health as secondary issue; anxiety, depression, grief, loss, etc.
  • May have legal troubles; delinquency; truancy; low-level offender; may need to satisfy conditions of court or probation
  • Trouble in school: Client may be on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) at school [federal classification 1 or 2]; needs a fresh start in a new school setting
  • Seeking a longer-term residential setting offering vocational experience

"I didn't just stop using drugs and stay the same person. I stopped using drugs and I'm a completely new person - everything has changed."


Program Details

Lakeside Academy is a Christian-based, holistic approach to long-term care for troubled boys ages 14-18. Our staff of licensed clinicians and caregivers are passionate about pouring into the youth we serve by providing routine, structure, psychoeducation, counseling, values-based programming, and character development. At Lakeside Academy, we offer specialized, at-risk youth programs in Minnesota.


Our stabilization process helps young people overcome dependence on drugs and alcohol under medical oversight. Withdrawal symptoms are managed with medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Residential Treatment

Our beautiful Minnesota campus offers a safe, comfortable, and nonjudgmental space that promotes long-term recovery by providing a supported, structured environment with 24-hour care.

On-Site High School

We focus on your child's recovery and run a licensed education program to make sure your child doesn't slip back academically.

Serene Locations with Outdoor Activities

Having a beautiful campus which overlooks Lake Charlotte allows us the opportunity to get out into nature and connect.

Medication Assisted Treatment

With medically assisted treatment, a team of clinicians monitors the clients' blood pressure and heart rate while they are in withdrawal.

Team of Medical Providers

Everyone is treated by a team consisting of licensed medical providers, therapists, and licensed chemical dependency counselors.

Parent Weekends

We understand how difficult drug and alcohol abuse can be for both teens and their parents. That is why we incorporate the whole family unit into our treatment, with our parents weekends.

24/7 Staff Support

We have a team of providers and nurses, and a psychiatrist on hand. All teens receive 24/7 support from our professional team.


Our expert admissions team is available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm (CST) and can be reached at 844-768-8336. Our staff may ask you for some preliminary information, such as:

  • Age
  • Prior treatment or counseling
  • Medications
  • Legal obligations
  • Insurance/benefits information

We are committed to helping troubled teen boys who are heading down the wrong path. We have a safe and affordable camp environment for teens who are struggling with anger management, behavioral issues and/or addictions.

We are built on a foundation of Christian faith – fostering new behaviors, character development, and helping each boy recognize who they were created to be. We do this by providing an amazing environment where they can truly feel like they belong and create new, positive relationships.

Insurance Coverage

We know that financing teen therapy can make all the difference in receiving quality treatment. Lakeside Academy works with the following health insurance plans to support you and your family in an effort to access the most effective and compassionate adolescent mental healthcare. 

"I needed somewhere that my son was safe. I needed somewhere with enough structure. I couldn't ask for a better place or staff."


"It's a great little community, they love our son, we can just tell. We walk in and they hug us - we're on a hugging basis with most of the people here!"


"He's just so much more respectful - kind and caring...and he talks [to us]!"

Craig and Lisa

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