ADHD Treatment in Minnesota

Does your teen boy have trouble focusing at school, or struggle to complete his homework on time? Is he exhibiting behavioral issues that prevent him from succeeding academically? Does he constantly misplace or lose things? If so, then he may have a chronic condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD.

This disorder begins in childhood and continues throughout adulthood. During the teen years, it is two to three times more common for boys to have this disorder than it is for girls. At Lakeside Academy, our ADHD treatment programs can help your teen boy take control of his symptoms, thus enabling him to reach his full potential and enjoy a happy, productive life.


Signs & Symptoms of ADHD

While signs and symptoms of ADHD vary from person to person and affect both young children and older adults, symptoms generally first appear in childhood. However, they are often more prominent during the teen years, due to changes in hormones caused by puberty. Symptoms of ADHD generally fall into one of three different categories: hyperactivity, inattention, or impulsivity.

You have probably suspected that your son has ADHD due to multiple signs that he has exhibited over an extended period of time. Common indicators include things such as:

  • Forgetting to bring homework to school
  • Failing to complete tasks
  • Neglecting to turn assignments in
  • Being disruptive during in class
  • Interrupting other people
  • Losing attention during lessons
  • Blurting out answers without being called on
  • Having trouble sitting still

Once ADHD has been identified, it is important to treat it swiftly and properly. Left untreated, it has the potential for lifelong negative consequences, since adolescents who have it often suffer from esteem issues and have a greater chance of engaging in risky behavior. Teens with ADHD are much more likely to also have anxiety and depression than teens who do not have the disorder.

Causes of ADHD

There is no definitive answer as to what causes ADHD, but researchers are currently working to determine the root of this chronic condition. Research has shown that the neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals, of those with ADHD work differently than do those in the non-ADHD population. There is a very strong genetic component to this disorder. Between one-third and one-half of adults who have ADHD will have at least one child who has it, and children with ADHD often have siblings with the disorder.

Again, we do not yet know definitively what causes ADHD. But research has shown that being exposed to environmental toxins, such as pesticides, lead, or PCBs may play a part. Other high-risk factors may include a low birth weight or premature birth; brain injuries; or the use of alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes during pregnancy.

Lakeside Academy Programs

At Lakeside Academy, our staff of experienced professionals will work with your son to find the treatment protocol that best suits his individual needs. First, diagnostic assessments will be administered and the results subjected to a thorough analysis. Then, using compassion and dedication, our supportive team will develop a plan that will enable your son to prosper and reach his full potential.

Proud to abide by a non-addictive stimulant approach, our ADHD program provides a more personable treatment for the boys. When we’re working with the teens, we are teaching them the basic skills of how to be mindful, how to focus their attention, and how to not be so reactive and responsive to their environment and other people. We’ve found that a lot of our teens with ADHD struggle when they are in environments that are not stimulating. For instance, our educational treatment approach is not interactive or experiential enough for them, so we give them a more personable experience.

Find Help in Minneapolis

Our beautiful, peaceful, and serene campus provides 48 acres in which your son can get the help he needs while spending time in nature, too. Studies have shown that exposure to green space can improve ADHD symptoms in youths. We also have a gym, amphitheater, and music room so your teen can pursue his passions. For teens with ADHD, our programs are very engaging, interactive, and involve lessons with the computer so that we give them a lot of activity and a lot of variety throughout their days.

If you are looking for ADHD treatment programs for your teen boy, look no further than Lakeside Academy. We provide specialized treatment for ADHD and programs that can help families and teens make the best lives for themselves. Contact us today to learn how we can get your son on the path to success.