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Wood Shop

The boys can create functional wood pieces such as bird houses and cutting boards in a supervised, supportive environment.

Remote Control Course

A great way for our students to engage in recreational activities onsite is through our remote control car course!


Our students learn lawncare and yard working skills out in our garden by planting and caring for a variety of crops and flowers.


In the fall, the boys can harvest apples at the on-campus orchard.

Snowboarding & Sledding

During the winter months, we have sleds and snowboards for the boys to use and enjoy.


Our on-campus gym is perfect for basketball and other recreational sports!


During the summer, the boys can take advantage of our sand volleyball court!


Our campus is approximately 48 acres and is located between Moore Lake and Lake Charlotte. We have a beautiful beach the boys can utilize to relax or engage in water sports.


Our staff loves to take the boys on boat rides on the lake during the summer.


We offer supervised fishing trips during the summer months.

Frisbee Golf

The boys can take advantage of the beautiful weather on our 48-acre campus by playing yard games like frisbee golf.

Metal Shop

One of our project-based learning activities is metal fabrication, where the boys will learn to weld under close instruction and guidance.

Auto Mechanics

One of the project-based learning activities we offer in our curriculum is vehicle maintenance, where the boys learn how to perform small repairs.

Farm Animals

The boys will learn how to take care and feed the chickens, goats, and horses on our on-campus farm.

Music Studio

We have an on-campus music studio complete with guitars, drums, and other instruments.


The boys can use our weight room complete with dumbbells and machines, and treadmills to exercise with supervision.

Activity Days

On activity days, volunteers come to campus one Sunday each month and facilitate relays, slip and slides, bingo, and other fun games for the boys.

Art Studio

The boys can use their creativity to make crafts and projects in our art studio!


Under supervision, during the warmer months the boys can go outside and use our outdoor skateboarding ramp.

Maple Syrup

A fun outdoor activity we offer during the spring is tapping maple trees and bottling the syrup!