On-Site Classroom Learning

Many students come to Lakeside Academy experiencing trouble in school or failing grades. We value education and see academic success as a key to long-term life success. To provide students the chance to excel academically we’ve partnered with the local Minnesota public school district to offer fully accredited classes right on our campus. Southwest Metro’s approach fosters an environment that develops and cares holistically for every student. Onsite classes operate as year-round schooling, with classes scheduled 5 days/week, and four breaks that are three weeks each.

  • 2 ½ hours a day – normal breaks
  • 33% more credits each semester
  • If teen is behind they can make it up


Two licensed teachers are on-site every day. Tutors are also available when extra help is needed.
Our teachers were carefully selected based on specific experience working with adolescents in traditional and non-traditional school environments; in addition, each has knowledge of addiction, mental health, and a full range of learning styles and modalities.

Parents have access to teachers by phone and email; detailed information is provided upon enrollment.

The ratio of teachers to students is typically 1:10 or less, but fluctuates based on enrollment. The ratio will never exceed 1:15.

The curriculum is a blended model, designed to provide dynamic learning experiences for students. This model includes traditional classroom training, online education, and project-based learning opportunities.

Learning pace

The education for each student is highly individualized, and the pace of the curriculum is based on each student’s abilities and personal learning plan, existing IEP or 504 plans.

Enrollment process

Complete intake packet to become officially enrolled in SW Metro
Each incoming student is assessed based on current grade level, history, any existing IEPs, and his comprehension of reading, math, science, and social studies in accordance with Minnesota standards

Southwest Metro will contact each student’s home district to request records and history
A personalized learning plan will be created for each student, based on his assessment results.

Having our boys at Lakeside Academy enrolled as part of the local SW Metro school district strengthens our community. Being enrolled in a licensed MN school with teachers on-site who specialize with students who have substance use, mental health, or behavioral issues truly means we can offer a “program of one” – a personalized learning plan and pace to match the needs of each individual student.

Jeff Jensen

Director of Lakeside Academy