Lakeside Academy is a Christian Behavior and Recovery Center for boys 14-18 years old, who are heading down the wrong path due to substance use and other behavioral issues. Set on 48 acres in Buffalo, MN, Lakeside Academy offers a 4-level program with licensed chemical dependency treatment, mental health and other counseling services, and onsite education including conventional, online, and project-based learning — all in a camp environment.

Our program integrates opportunities to learn and grow in faith into everything we do. From our adventure activities to our focus on excellence in academics we seek to foster our students’ understanding of themselves, their faith journey, and others.


1. Your child will be valued and respected by our staff, treated with the same care and understanding with which we treat our own family.

2. Your child’s spiritual well-being is our top priority; he will consistently be surrounded with Christian principles and teachings.

3. We will work with your son to help foster characteristics including appreciation, gratitude, responsibility, respect for authority, self-control, leadership, time-management, and a strong work ethic.

Services include:

    • 4-level Program:
      • Orientation & Acclimation | Identifying Core Issues & Behaviors | Creating Consistency & Application | Transitioning Home
    • Licensed residential chemical dependency treatment – the length of service is based on the assessment
    • Mental health services, based on assessed need, including co-occurring disorders
  • School: Lakeside Academy has partnered with the local Minnesota public school district (Southwest Metro)
    • On-site classes 5 days/week, during the normal school year, with breaks for MEA, Thanksgiving, Christmas Holidays and Spring break
    • Two licensed teachers on-site; program administrator on-site weekly
    • Education for each student is individualized, based on his abilities and personal learning plan or IEP
    • Mixed learning environment: classroom, online, and project-based
  • Licensed by the Department of Health & Human Services as a Rule 2960 children’s residential treatment facility
  • Accept public placements through host county contract, i.e. correctional, needing CD treatment
  • Insurance accepted by most providers for certain treatment substance abuse disorder treatment and mental health services; may be out of network for some