Student Life


Check out how our teens spend their days: from getting out of bed in the morning, and enjoying the 48 acres of land to throwing a fishing line in one of our 2 lakes after attending high school.

Academics and Activities

As part of a partnership with the local Southwest Metro School District, teen boys who reside at Lakeside Academy are able to continue their educational path without having to leave our facility. Each student receives a personalized curriculum that accounts for any necessary 504 plans or IEPs. Students complete work at their own pace and can catch up on missing classes.

Each day, we have two licensed teachers on-site, along with tutors who provide added assistance as needed. All faculty members were chosen for their experience and dedication to working with adolescents who have behavioral health and or substance abuse issues.

Students also have access to project-based vocational training. They can prepare for an apprenticeship, go on to college, or seek fulfilling employment by taking part in these Minnesota-accredited programs. Just a few of the options include metal fabrication, woodworking, gardening, and welding.

The Lakeside Academy faculty to student ratio is typically 1:10, which means customized instruction and lots of attention to facilitate a successful academic experience. Most teens who attend Lakeside Academy graduate high school during their treatment and may begin taking college or university classes online.

Clinical Treatment Programs

Lakeside Academy offers clinical treatment programs by Adult and Teen Challenge, the largest network of substance use recovery programs in the world. We provide holistic drug rehabilitation for students diagnosed with substance use disorder as well as assistance with behavioral health issues as needed. We accept teen boys who have a history of self-harm, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and unmanaged anger.

When your son enrolls, he will begin with drug and alcohol detoxification and 30 to 60 days of clinical chemical dependency treatment as needed. Students receive mental health counseling and learn strategies to advocate for their best interests, communicate with others effectively, redirect risky behaviors, and develop better self-control.

Our counselors, faculty, and staff instill the values of character, discipline, and faith while offering the physical, emotional, and spiritual support your child needs to thrive. With a point-scoring system, students become able to connect their behavior with the consequences, whether positive or negative.

What to Expect

Admission starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your son’s needs so that we can enroll him in the right programs. First, families fill out an application and submit supplemental paperwork as needed. We can also provide information about insurance coverage for substance use treatment and mental health counseling with professional Lakeside Academy staff. Typically, the enrollment process can be completed in two to 14 days, depending on space availability. Our four-level treatment program is designed to be completed in around 6-12 months, depending on the student’s engagement.

During the program, students will have study time, attend worship, engage in physical activity, and take responsibility for chores and personal care. Parents receive weekly phone calls with their students, detailed monthly progress updates, and quarterly parent visit weekends. Students also earn home visits as they progress through the program.

If you are seeking help for your teenage son, contact Lakeside Academy for more information about the admissions process. We are licensed as a children’s residential treatment facility by the Department of Health and Human Services. With our team-based approach, we can help prepare your troubled child for a successful life outside the classroom and in the real world. You can also reach out by calling (844) 768-8336