What to Expect When Your Son Is Enrolled at Lakeside Academy

Lakeside Academy

Many parents ask us, “What can I expect when my son’s enrolled at Lakeside?” Here we lay out our holistic programming and what you can anticipate when your son attends Lakeside Academy. 

Academics and Project-Based Learning

No matter the reason for your son’s enrollment, he’ll receive an academic education and the opportunity to participate in project-based learning. 

Lakeside partners with the Southwest Metro School District so all boys can continue their academic education. We have two licensed teachers at our facility every single day and additional tutors for individualized support. If your son has a 504 or IEP, those accommodations are included in his personalized curriculum.

Each of our boys can work at their own pace. The curriculum is designed to work with their therapeutic programming while still holding them to educational state standards. Many of our teens graduate high school during their treatment and can even participate in online college classes. 

We also offer students access to vocational training, such as welding, woodworking and vehicle maintenance. These Minnesota-accredited programs prepare students for college, future employment or an apprenticeship. 

Community and Behavioral Health

Each of the boys is instilled with the knowledge that they’re valued and cared about. We help them build their self-esteem through our powerful community of professionals and help them find positive bonding techniques with their peers. Throughout their stay, they learn they’re unconditionally loved and in a safe place for healing.

Our 4-Level Behavioral Curriculum helps boys make positive choices and builds their values system. We recognize that every boy is unique, and strategize each plan to meet their individual goals and needs.

The curriculum is intentionally scaffolded and customized so your son can achieve sustainable, positive behaviors. The four steps include:


  1. Acclimating to their new environment and reinforcing their self-worth
  2. Identifying problem behaviors and how to address their issues
  3. Establishing healthy behaviors consistently and developing new perspectives
  4. Preparing for transition out of Lakeside Academy to return home

Counseling and Treatment Programs

Our clinical treatment programs provide mental health counseling and recovery for boys. Provided by the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, we help boys rehabilitate from substance abuse and behavioral health issues.

If your son has chemical dependency issues, he’ll start with a 30-60 day detox treatment before moving on to mental health counseling. He’ll receive counseling that will help him learn self-advocacy techniques and strategies to make positive changes. 

Our holistic treatment programs are designed to treat the whole child and help boys address the following issues:

  • Substance abuse
  • Bipolar disorder
  • ADHD
  • Self-harm
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety

Help Is Available—Find Positive, Compassionate Care for Your Son at Lakeside

Whether your son has a substance abuse disorder or needs mental health counseling, we’re here to help. Our professional, qualified staff and beautiful facility provide holistic, faith-based treatment for any combination of issues that need to be treated. 

Your son will walk away with a healthy perspective and positive behavioral changes so he can live a life of joy.

Learn more about Lakeside and get your questions answered by calling us at 844-768-8336 or send us a message today.