Meet Our Team

Mike Mahoney

Treatment Director, LADC

When I was 16 years old, I experienced a calling to help others that had substance use disorders and other life-controlling problems while I was going through chemical dependency and mental health treatment at a hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My parents arranged my admission to treatment out of their concern about how my substance use negatively impacted my relationships with my family, friends, God, education, physical health, and mental health. I began to realize the impact of substance use on my life and was searching for a higher power learning the 12 steps and reading the Bible my mother gave me. After breaking through denial and accepting the help that was offered, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Higher Power, then I pursued a career as an alcohol drug counselor. Therefore, I have over 40 years in long-term recovery and over 35 years of education, training, and experience working with many diverse individuals and families with substance-use and mental health problems. I love watching God restore families by turning the hearts of the parents toward their children and the hearts of the children toward their parents as God has restored me to my family. Malachi 4:6.